Fly Away

So i was a lucky girl when I laid my eyes on our original pigeon ‘coup’ for the first time!! Obviously, not thinking about the labour that was needed to bring it to it’s full glory, but just how lovely it could be as a ‘salvaged’ summer house!


And that’s exactly what it became…. nothing but recycling bits and bobs from around the house and found items, out and about – nothing bought and no one else was allowed to work on the space, those were the rules i set myself.

Slowly but surely all of the wire, that was obviously originally used to keep the pigeons in, now needed to come down. So clippers to the ready, gloves on and a few hours and a couple of sore wrists later, the wire was down and now for the scrubbing to begin!
Lots of elbow grease was needed for this little weekend project!! Between brushing all the dirt that had taken 15 years to accumulate, washing everything down with a karcher and a bit of bleach and then sanding down all the metal to make sure there wasn’t any potential danger… it was a full day of prepatory work!

Now for the painting to begin! I wanted to keep the area clean and light, but with the pigeon boxes to stand out, so i opted for grey and white – nothing to original really, but simple and easy to match lots of things with. The frame i chose my metallic aluminium paint that was left over from my radiators – no purchases, remember!

At the end of my second day, rather tired and a bit of fabric nailed up to hide the roof of the space, this is what it turned into – much cleaner and more welcoming i think!

pigeon-coup-7 pigeon-coup-6 pigeon-coup-5pigeon-coup-8

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