Beach Campfire – Hapchot

With the launch of the latest Hapchot Beer Summer 2015 video at the Festival of Surf, Anglet at the beginning of this month, I thought back to the gorgeous shoot that we did on a beautiful sun filled Easter weekend this spring.

An easy, fun filled ‘apero’ with quality local brewed beer, on the local beaches of Les Landes, which enabled us to fully enjoy a summer styled beach BBQ.

It was definitely a hard project not to enjoy, especially with such tough conditions!!  After a bit of research, shopping and an afternoon of set-up, our styled set was in place.

Here are a few shots to give you an idea of the ambiance that we created.  A big thanks to Hapchot and once again Miss Hamelin for the photos, take a look at the Hapchot video and ease yourself into the the summer vibe.

11083810_1007062085985146_6379928749509580360_o Hapchot-Firecamp-BD-2-10ED0003 Hapchot-Firecamp-BD-7-10ED0011 Hapchot-Firecamp-BD-64-10ED0170 Hapchot-Firecamp-BD-18-10ED0037 Hapchot-Firecamp-BD-134-10ED0460 Hapchot Firecamp

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